December 25, 2010

Batterers 101: Another look at the power and control wheel

We are nearing the end of another year. There have been some victories for battered moms and their children. There have also been many more moms forced into this strange twilight existence known as non-custodial mommy. We made progress and we have been shoved down. I thought now would be a good time to point out that the holidays are the worst time for the victims, especially those victims of the father's rights crowd and their leaders, followers, and assorted cult gang members.

So we have here a lesson in Battering 101. We turn to the Power and Control wheel and focus on two of the wedges. The first is the using "Using Coercion and Threats" wedge and the second is the "Using Isolation" wedge. You may ask why I am going over this with you gentle reader. Many of you know the tactics, it is simply amazing it is not more apparent to others.

Now to connect the dots for you.

I was sent this image (as far as I know it is unaltered and you can check this information by dates and times if you feel so inclined. We have a well-known woman hater, father's rights advocates stating this:

Removing "friends" who associate with and promote a gender-biased (man-hating) unbalanced (disturbed) mothers rights advocate. The rest of us know that this has nothing to do with gender. CD, your hatred is counter-productive to real reform. But thanks for showing your true colors.

and directly below it, this:

I'll give people until Jan. 1 to disassociate from her before I cut them. This is warning #1.

Okay so first we have an "advocate" for "equality" and presumably peace telling people that they MUST remove 'CD' or they will be removed from her friends list. Now to me (forgive me if I am wrong) sounds a lot like isolation to me. IE: You either do not be friends with this person and only with people I deem to be okay, or I will take you off my friends list. So she is now isolating the people on her friends list from being friends with the mysterious 'CD' or they will no longer be allowed the privilege of being her friend.

Can we say COERCION/THREATS and ISOLATION? I wonder if we were to look back at many of the nasty things being said by this "advocate" whether we would indeed find more similarities to the Power and Control wheel? Does she engage in any other activities like this destined to make the P/C list?

Readers your call. Send me pics like this one below and what wedge of the wheel you think she is violating? I can think of another one just from this posting on Facebook alone, but I have had my fun tonight. YOUR TURN!!!!

November 30, 2010

NewsFlash Quentin0352

Little newsflash for ya Quentin. I saw the post you are discussing on SYG. I am not - REPEAT NOT - the person posting as AbuseVictim. You see I WAS an abused woman, but am no longer abused as I do not ALLOW my abuser that type of control. I am however, an ABUSE SURVIVOR. So get it straight okay? You guys have one track minds. We are anonymums. We are everywhere. And we WILL expose hatred to women any time it is brought to our attention. And that is we as in PLURAL - MORE THAN ONE If I was going to post anywhere I have a name. It is Mz Petunia Pigg. I would use that name and no other. I want all of you to know when I have been somewhere.

Another point you seem to miss is that in your minds it is completely okay for all of you to troll on feminist and protective mother blogs and post our articles on SYG and comment on them when it suits you, but when a woman (god forbid) does the same to you, it is stalking?

Rich, real rich. Get a clue and get a life dude. This is a hobby for me. I have a life. Just look at my posting history compared to yours. That speaks volumes right there.

And if it will make you feel better I will start on your comments and leave poor widdle BQ alone. Plenty of material from your posts to last me several lifetimes dude. Probably be more amusing for my readers also.

Teri Stoddard and self reporting staticstics

Now if this were not extremely rich I would be rolling on the floor. And let me tell you, the sight of Mz Pigg rolling on the floor is one to behold. Or so I have been told. Now on to the gist of this post. It seems (from my informant) that Teri is now claiming that women are MORE abusive than men. Any other time it was "AS" abusive as men. Guess you had to up the ante huh Teri? It did not serve YOUR purpose to say as violent, now women must be MORE violent? And people wonder why I have informants (and you cannot chase all of them away Scary Teri) to INFORM me of what is happening in the FReak and FRag world. It is like the Twilight Zone but for SCARY people. You fit in real well Scary Teri.

And it seems that Scary is extremely proud of the fact that she is self-reporting her own stats about how abusive widdle ol' women folk truly are. Scary news flash..... you are a woman too. Well you APPEAR to be a woman. After looking at that nasty foot shot in the DC fountain, one has to truly wonder :-)

On to the screen shot (Thanks A). I have even made it super convenient so you can simply close out the picture and keep this open for commenting.

RICH!!! Biscuit Queen and Birth Control

I have only one thing to say before posting the picture and text below.

Biscuit Queen - how about the fact that the WOMAN gets pregnant, the WOMAN'S body changes over the course of 9 months (give or take), the WOMAN is the one risking HER life to give birth to the child. HOW ABOUT THEM APPLES? I AM SO EXTREMELY DISGUSTED THAT THIS CLAPTRAP IS COMING FROM A WOMAN. OBVIOUSLY YOU HAVE NEVER GIVEN BIRTH OR YOU MUST REALLY THINK MEN ARE SUPERIOR.

It is not the man who will undergo changes during the 9 months of pregnancy and the lifetime afterward (her physical changes - not the fact she is now a mother). Pregnancy and childbirth change a woman and is hard on HER body.


Why is everything the responsibility of the woman? Why should she have to worry whether he has birth control or not. By the very act of consenting to have sex with anyone you are saying you know pregnancy can result. If you don;t want that don't do it.

Even if he did walk away, how is that any different than the mother putting the child up for adoption??

There needs to be a way for men to fairly have the right women already have, which is deciding not to become a parent between conception and birth. The "old keep your pants on" is not an answer, nor is the "use birth control"; if these are not good reasons to stop abortion or adoption by women, it should not be used to shame men. I am so tired of these double standards.

November 19, 2010

Quentin0352 complaining again about alleged stalking

I wonder what he calls it when he comes to my site and others (and his little MRA butt buddies do the same) to see what we are saying? I report vulgarities, they come to see if they are being featured and then complain when they are not? Or they complain because we refuse to allow them to derail a conversation about one thing and turn it into a discussion about how men are victims? Oh and lets not forget that they practice deception as well by creating new accounts when they are banned due to improper behavior?

Oh and shall I add that he is not being censored at the RHReality article. However with that said, his comments are being rated. TROLL ALERT!!!

Screen shot here:

More from Biscuit Queen (telling a man to be deceitful)

Oh lets go sweetie, we are going to yank some of your hair out but be sure not to tell mommy about this. Or even better, I am going to play doctor and stick this little cotton swab in your cheek and rub it around. Again do not tell your mommy.

And what does daddy dearest do when or if child tell mommy? What then Biscuit Queen. Nice, real nice.

TMOTS on SYG and his opinion of rape

Seems that TMOTS feels that the rape victim cannot tell if she has been sexually assaulted because she was drunk/high on drugs and passed out. Are you as angry about this extremely hateful statement as I am? I can tell when I have been assaulted sexually or even for that matter when I have had consensual sex.

What a pig. Sorry but that is all I can muster at this point.

More on the Stand Your Ground debate

I find this most amusing. They have a website which is for the most part public. They publish many statements that could and do upset people. And then they have the audacity to be angry when they are called on it? Hmmm that makes logical sense to me.

So to carry on with the Biscuit Queen/SYG/Teri Stoddard/Patriarchy and other items post this is where we are.

I never knew this but they have another entire post dedicated to little ol' me. Just a poor widdle piggy trying to highlight abuse. This post is all about how awful I am. Okay........................

First I have never said that all women are good and all men are evil. That would be kind of defeating our purpose wouldn't you say? I have ever (and will stand by it) that in considering amount of time spent with children, that men are and always will be more prone to abusing children than women. I would like for you to point out exactly where I said men are evil, women are good (all of them). Duh you cannot.

Now Captain Courageous is coming to the rescue. he seems to think he knows who I am. Hahahahahahaha not even close fool.

Poor poor widdle Johm Dias. Wrong again. You fools, keep trying.

And if I was a lesbian what is wrong with that Quentin Durrstein? I am not but that is beside the point. Who cares if I am or not? I am however all about exposing all of the MRA's stupidity in all of its finest glory.

How do I edit your posts? When I post screen shots and links (I quit that however because most of my readers feel safe here and can keep up to date on the stupid MRA movement). I also do not "edit" any of your comments on here. If I don't like the post it will hit file 13. This is my blog and you will all follow my rules when you come here. If you do not you will not be commenting here. I will not trigger abused women and children with your foolish statements.

Oh and John you can quit your whining, you are here now.

MTV DV mom Portwood and Marx's stupidity in ASS U ME'ing

Let's see now:

Police in Anderson, Ind., have officially charged "Teen Mom" star Amber Portwood with two felonies and one misdemeanor for domestic battery.

Excellent - it's about time women who use violence are actually highlighted as being violent - instead of the usual attempts to marginalize women's violence. So seeing 'domestic battery' (even though I thought it was domestic assault - not battery?) in there is definitely a step forward towards true equality, not this selective equality that feminists keep pushing for.

However, this is the disturbing part:

During a September episode of season two of the MTV hit show, Portwood was seen repeatedly slapping, punching and kicking her then-fiance, Gary Shirley. Police said that Portwood is facing felony charges because Portwood and Shirley's young daughter, Leah, was present when the alleged violence occurred.

Whoa... now, hold on - am I correct in understanding that she is facing a felony purely on the basis that their (not just hers) daughter was present and thus witnessed it - and NOT because she was abusing her then-fiancé?

This seems to suggest that it's perfectly acceptable to abuse men - so long as you do it quietly away from the children...

Screen shot below (and of course my commentary below that):

Well Marx do you understand that in most states Domestic Violence is a misdemeanor and it is only if a child is present (whether it is your child or someone else's child) that it becomes a felony? Well guess you know now dipshit. So much for females being the favored sex. If you assault a stranger you will be charged with a more serious crime than if you assault your wife or husband.

Rohara and the Paycheck Fairness Act

Actualy I was kind of looking forward to the passage of this bill because I would have loved to have seen the reaction when male performers in the porn industry sued for unequal pay for the exact same work.

Screen shot below:

Female Hatred Websites and Forum Posts

Petunia has been searching for hatred of females and have some very funny posts by these men (and women) who hate women. I will be highlighting some of those over the next few posts.

November 15, 2010

Update on Rene Netherton and her actions

Well censorship is the name of the game today. First Huffington Post and now Facebook. They will allow abusers free reign, they post ads from pedophile loving Amazon, but when a lawyer threatens to expose a victim of violence, how does Facebook respond? Well I will tell you how. They shut the page down tighter than a drum. They do not even allow anyone to save the information, just BAM! Don't believe Petunia? Well "R" sent me this screen shot from when she signed in today.

I suggested to "R" that she contact the Kansas State Bar and file a complaint as a concerned citizen (Petunia would but sadly I am of the porkine variety and not homo sapien variety so they would not take my complaint). I suggest that my readers do the same. Print out all the screen shots available here, write a very simple letter saying how disgusted you are that a lawyer can create the filth that has been created by this "woman" (and I use that term VERY loosely) and let them know you want to file a complaint.

I caution you however, if you are a battered or formerly battered mother and are not in a safe place to be able to do this, then please consider your own safety first. I am sure Claudine would much rather you be safe than have this lawyer disbarred. There are plenty of us out there. We should be able to get enough to file complaints. If you can do this though, I urge you to act quickly!

November 14, 2010

Rene Netherton and her blatant hatred of Claudine Dombrowski

Rene you can shut down the blog all you want. We took screen shots of everything that was out there and I am now publishing it for all to see.

Now for everyone to understand we must post the screen shots so they can see for themselves. So we will start with your blogger profile:

Next we move in to your question in blogger/google help files:

Now we have established that you are Rene we can move on to the blog posts (which sorry folks are no longer available but here are the screen shots of the alleged blog posts. This is the first one but it is extremely shrunk so hard to make out. I also zoomed in and took a second screen shot of the same post in order to show the actual wording:

Now we have the second blog post made by Rene:

And the third post:

I am not sure which of these posts is more disturbing. You have here a woman who is a lawyer. But in the first post she publishes information about Claudine which should (whether true or not) be protected under medical confidentiality.

The second post contains more information about Claudine's alleged mental disorder (keep in mind folks that an abuser's biggest tool in his toolbox is to claim the mother is mentally ill or promiscuous or both).

The third post then contains the statement that the blogger is going to reveal Claudine's address to "both of her supporters". Claudine is and has been a participant in the safe at home address program. This is for victims of violence to be able to live in safety and not worry about future violence. Why on earth would a program administered by the state allow Claudine to be a participant if she is indeed lying about the abuse that happened?

There is a Facebook page created in Rene's honor. We ask on behalf of the creator that you join and help Claudine start the complaint process which will ultimately strip Rene Netherton of the privilege to practice law anywhere.

Hat Tip to "R" and thank you for your part in keeping the world safe from abusers and those who would support them.

Even more on Teri Stoddard

Now I promised you some more on Teri and I do deliver. Sometimes I deliver in a better late than never fashion, but I do deliver. I will also continue to report on this issue.

First she writes this on Facebook:

Tenn's case has been publicized enough Teri. There was NO kidnapping, only a mother who was granted permission to leave an abusive relationship. At last count per publicized documents, Tenn was not allowed to go near the mother. Why do you only publish half truths?

Then we have this one:

A Facebook user has asked for support for AWN (Autism Women's Network) and Teri automatically Ass U Me's that this is another "gender" feminist group. And rather than apologize for Ass U Me'ing she simply ignores and thinks a simple "Thanks for explaining" should suffice. But lordy lordy if you dare to be critical of any men's movement, you should be hung. Or in the case of my previous post and doing this on her little Gestapo group on Yahoo, you get banned.

Now Teri moves on to Dr. Phil and his alleged ignorance of the issues. Dr. Phil is actually coming close to "getting it" sad to say. Sad that it took so long for him to get it.

Here she says she fears Dr. Phil's gender bias? I have rarely if ever seen Dr. Phil promote gender bias, except in cases where he tries to promote fatherhood, even when it should not be promoted (in cases of severe abuse). Thankfully he is starting to see that the women/mothers are not lying. And how did that come about? By listening to the grown child victims of PAS/PA/PAD/HAP diagnosis. Thank you Jennifer Collins for your work in this area. I must add I am sorry you and your brother had to endure the torture at the abuser's hands, but may I say I am extremely proud of you for coming through to the other side.

Now she fears CJE (Center For Judicial Excellence)? Why do you fear them Teri? Maybe it is because they can expose the lies of the fatherhood movement for the lies they are?

One last note before I move on to bigger fish. Moms who are undergoing systematic and vicious torture, we mus unite. This much Teri writes is true. We must unite and fight this fight for our children. We must keep them safe from harm since the system refuses to protect them.

More on Teri Stoddard

Now this has become simply amusing. Teri thinks she is getting one over on Petunia by blocking me and all the poor people who joined her little email group, and in doing so she is keeping me from reporting on her. Teri we are everywhere. Get over yourself. I only post on you because you leave yourself wide open for it. Besides it amuses my readers as well. So with that said let's move on to some of the lighter stuff in this post and then we will get on with the serious (hurtful and hateful to protective mothers and others) in a second and possibly third post.

Now Teri has advertised everywhere that she is a former foster parent, daycare provider, and now lists on Facebook that she operates a Nanny service. As a parent, I would be mortified to send my child into a home where she has 3 elderly cats and one dog who continually urinate everywhere. So much so that she is considering banishing the cats to a laundry room and purchasing a doggy diaper to stop the dog. How about this as a solution Teri? Get your butt off of the computer and take care of your animals. Cats who have these issues require medical attention. Or you might be using a litter that is creating sensitivities in them. As far as the dog, maybe you should not have taken on such responsibilities since you are so busy with all of your little "projects".

Now for the second issue (which is amusing and sad at the same time).

Teri has taken over the running of a very old Single Parents Group on Yahoo. It was on Onelist before Yahoo Groups days and at that time she had just joined. Somehow (although the posts on the group do not show how or when) Teri managed to take over as owner of the group. She now runs this little group as her own Gestapo. Do not disagree with her or you get sent to the corner. Do not state an opinion (unless you agree with Teri) or you get removed. Do not post any news article unless it shows how bad moms and women are. Again you get sent to the corner or put on moderation. Fathers are allowed to post multiple stories on how bad women/moms are, but when a single mom complains about her ex (not every man in the world - just her ex), said mom gets called on the carpet. Have you ever wondered Teri why you only get 50-75 posts per week with a member list of over 7000?

Do you really think Claudine has made ALL of these blogs Teri? Really? Really? On that note, Claudine you must tell me how you manage to do all of these blogs (at last count there were hundreds of them, including this one), alleging be mentally ill, do all of the protests you do, sit down for long media interviews regarding your abuse, and still manage to have time for yourself? You have a secret and I want it. Oh yeah I forgot, Teri think Claudine created this blog also, so it is a no-brainer, there is no asking Claudine for advice on how to stretch my days, since I am Claudine. Did you all follow that? I think I confused myself with it all, how about you?

One last item before we move on:

Now poor Teri wants everyone to stop picking on her because she is just oh so sensitive. Cry me a river, build a bridge, and get over it, Teri.

Okay enough with the fun stuff, now on to more serious and extreme hate issues.

Stalking? You have got to be kidding me!

So Petunia is being accused of stalking now. Wowsers! I simply research "protective mother" issues and when I find the garbage posted by the MRA lunatic fringe faction (and yes they are a faction - a group of people forming a minority within a larger body, esp a dissentious group)

, I expose that here. With that said, I posted quite a few months back on "The Patriarchy". I have since received this comment (amazingly enough it landed in SPAM click small picture to view large one, it will open in a new window):

Now why should I "communicate" with her when I had attempted to do so on Glenn Sacks website many times and I was ignored or villified? So guess what "Biscuit Queen"? I see blatant hatred, stupidity, and mother-hate and it will be posted. Have a problem with that? take it up elsewhere. Next time I will dig a little deeper and come up with more. Oh and since I am at it, there is already one comment on here speaking about your participation in Glenn Sacks' website. Why you not asking her to explain herself or communicate with you?

Things that make you go hmmmmmmm.......

October 17, 2010

Part Three: Teri Stoddard and her claim to fame in Father's Rights circles

Teri, this is not apples and oranges. You are helping men who have RO's on them (sometimes multiple RO's from many different women) and men who stalk women simply because they supplied one cell that resulted in a pregnancy. Children are nurtured by mothers in ALL species including the human species and mothers should never be removed from a child's life. Children do not NEED fathers, they need to be cared for which requires financial assistance and they need nurturing and love. Abraham Lincoln said it best when he said the best gift a man can give his children is to respect and love their mother. Beating her within an inch of her life or raping her is NOT respect or love.

Stop Family Violence and Liz Library ARE based on TRUE facts and TRUE stories. Women who are featured on SFV have evidence and documentation to support the facts that they or their children were abused and the courts gave the children to the abuser. Stitches and broken bones and black eyes and ripped hymens and STD's do NOT lie Teri.

Children are not protected in Shared Parenting states. I am in contact with many women (some who supply me with information for this blog) and they have either lost their children to the abuser, or the abuser has UNSUPERVISED contact with the children resulting in more abuse. There is one woman in Florida who was abused by her husband. She left and that man proceeded to gain "shared parental responsibility" and then called the state on this woman and several of her supporters. The most recent call involved an elementary aged female child and the removal of all of her clothes due to a sexual abuse claim by this man. This child was humiliated and for what? The child had a heat rash which was verified by the doctor. This father simply wanted to make mom's life a living hell because - how DARE she leave him?

Now here are the links to relevant statutes in Florida concerning DV and child custody.

Parenting Coordinator

This section discusses PC's (those famous court whores) and whether they can be appointed. The woman and children in the paragraph above have been threatened with a PC due to the many unresolved issues surrounding custody. The ONLY reason one has not been appointed is because the abusive father has stated he cannot afford it. NOT because the mother was a victim of DV.

Shared Parental Responsibility

This section discusses whether Shared custody should be granted and states that only a conviction of DV is used. Again the woman above TRIED to get her abuser prosecuted. The State Attorney of Florida where she lives REFUSED to do so, even after they were contacted by a police officer regarding this case. That police officer went on to do everything he could in order to give this woman the proof the SA office so desired but was also unable to get enough proof.

Child Support and DV

This statute discusses the Registry for CS cases and what should be done if there are family violence indicators. The woman listed above has requested anonymity and has been refused until just recently. This is because she now has a caseworker who realizes that she and her children are the client and this caseworker works for her.

Court Whores

We don't need to get into this one as there are many blogs out there that cover those infamous court whores. But, Florida grants full and complete immunity to them like many other states.

Other cases filed between parties

This involves court paperwork requirements and tells how other cases between the parties must be reported to the courts hearing custody/dissolution cases.

More paperwork requirements

More of the same as above.

Inconvenient forum

The woman listed above has tried getting her case moved because she is not being afforded protection in her current court. She has been told that since her abuser was violent once before (YES ONLY ONCE) and no other violent acts occurred until after the birth of the children, that she knew he was violent and now she has to deal with it.

Parenting Course

This has one tiny section about DV which states that a parenting course does not have to be taken by both parents at the same time if DV is present. The woman above was forced to take the class with her abuser while an active RO was in place. She simply disregarded the order and presented paperwork for a completed, certified parenting course when the order was made and was dismissed from this requirement.

Court-ordered electronic communication between a parent and a child.

First it says that each parent's DV history is to be included in whether a determination about communication with the child is made. The woman above had an active RO against the abuser AND the abuser had a history of previous RO's with other intimates and no such determination was given to the children. The abuser was allowed free and ready access to the children.

Parental Relocation with a child

This discusses the rules and laws about relocation. Again, the woman above lived within a few miles of her abuser and was experiencing break-ins, stalking, harassment, and many other such issues. She moved 32 miles away from the father to a more highly populated area and the abuser took her back to court. He knew where the mother lived as he had resumed his stalking behavior yet again but perjured himself to the courts which was proven in court. Nothing was done to the abuser (no punishment for perjury) and thankfully the mother only got a lecture.


This woman asked for and received an injunction but the cases (dissolution and injunction) were combined against her wishes. This allowed the abuser to take the focus off the real issue of family violence and focus it on the non-issue of divorce. Dissolution and injunction/RO cases should NEVER be combined. EVER!


Again this states that domestic violence is to be considered when creating a parenting plan, yet we can see from the many examples above that no such consideration was afforded this woman.

Now what do you suppose was the reason for all these 'blunders?' Well if you guessed that this woman was a SAHM and had not worked in many years and was only able to get a minimum wage job and relied on legal aid for a lawyer, you would have guessed right.

But enough of that - we should move on here. This is not about her this is about you, Teri, and just how deluded you can be.

You also state here that 80% of abuse claims are false? Other times you say 50%, other times it has been 90%. Which is it Teri? Can't you get your statistics straight?

Onward Ho!

I know of many cases where the NON-CUSTODIAL mother has sought assistance from a fatherhood program for visitation and child support in order to reduce the child support so she may be able to afford to live and NOT be HOMELESS and the result was being dumped to other agencies and then being turned away. These mothers are still homeless.


I only have one thing to say to this.


HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of cases where the father killed the children and there are so many this blogger has not time to list every single one. And often the stories do not make the news. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.....

Ah so we should have parents spying and stripping their children in order to keep an eye out for marks? We saw what happened to the woman and young female child above with shared parenting and abuser dad keeping an eye out for marks. Which by the way, the abuser also would get heat rashes due to his weight, just like the child does. Should a complaint of abuse or neglect be called in on abuser's new wife? Maybe on himself since he has a rash?

As far as your argument that mothers commit more abuse, we should factor in time spent with children. If it is as you say and women get custody 90% of the time and fathers only 10% of the time, we should play with the numbers some. Let's say there are 1,000 custody cases (there are more but this is just for example). So 900 children with moms, 100 children with dads. So if moms commit twice the abuse of dads, that must mean that mom abuser is 66% and dad abuse is 33% (again simplified because there is stranger abuse as well). How many children are abused? Let's say 100, unless you can give me a percentage of abused children compared to the whole population of children. So if you have 2/3 of 100 children abused by mom that would mean 66 children by mom and 33 children by dad. Now lets compare that to the entire group (not just the abuse victims). Sixty-children out of 900 works out to 7.3% of mothers abuse and 33% of the fathers abuse. There is no other way to work the numbers Teri, MEN do abuse more often than women - the numbers are completely skewed if you look at only part of the picture.

And if my small explanation is not helpful to you, you can simply go HERE and see what the NIS-3 (the most complete study which lists gender and marital status of abusers - the NIS-4 does not separate like the NIS-3 - hmmmm Fatherhood groups at work here?).


Now we move on to placating and condescending behavior. What you are known for best. Next you will block and talk about behind their backs. Watch out ladies, myself and several others are on her little block list. She even has some from the father's movement on her little list as well, isn't that right Ray? And do not deny Teri is right out there in the open for everyone to see. Well most everyone :-)

You also help alleged abusers, why else would you be searching for a ride for a well-known father's rights activist who was supposed to be in court in OHIO yet was stranded in ILLINOIS, which just so happened to be where his alleged victims live?

Ahh here we go.... Why don't you name some of these alleged victims you have helped? Name one man who is known to have been a victim in your circle of friends. I imagine between myself and others we could dig up his history and show a history of abuse and self indulgent behavior (traffic tickets, civil lawsuits, etc). Are you talking about Mark Godbey? Hmmmm that one was recently in court for violations. Have any more you want to share? I am up for tearing any claim you have completely apart, Teri.

This is so not even worth the time to discuss - NEXXXXXXXTTTTT!

There are no lies about you Teri. Did you forget you condoned child sexual abuse on your single parents email group? Did you forget your run that group like a little Gestapo and those who disagree are moderated or kicked off? Do we need to remind you of your sexist website - Jugs For Justice? No link back - not giving THAT filth any kudos.

Oh and we all know WHY you write about fathers more than mothers. Isn't it because your son and his ex-girlfriend went through a custody battle back in 2002 or 2003? And you were angry at HER mother because she hired a lawyer for her daughter and grandaughter? You sure complained about it often enough on not only the group you now own (which you did NOT own back then) and several other single parent/mom groups. You go so angry with one group that you quit that group. Like I said, know thine enemy Teri and I know you rather well.

Oh here we go. Teri says we are done so we are done. Well guess what Teri? You cannot control Facebook like you do your little Gestapo single parents group. So again put THAT in your little pipe.

Oh boo hoo hoo, poor widdle Teri has someone picking on her. Actually it looks like to me that teri is having fact and logic thrown at her and she has no clue how to respond. She is very much like some of the alleged abusers she helps. When the victim does not back down Teri resorts to the "oh woe is me routine". Pretty sad....


One comment:



Murray Straus? That explains the skewed reports. He does not know anything about intimate partner violence. If a woman yells at her partner to stop beating her she is just as violent as he is - even if he is shooting at her with a gun or trying to stab her. Yeah go on with yo bad self Teri.


Names Teri, Names. And again because you cannot take it like you dish it out and you cannot silence these two women, you are done. WHATEVER!!!!

NEXTTTTTTTTT!! (This is getting really old btw Teri - when will you just go away?)......

Oh and here we go with the self promotion. You keep right up with that Teri. See how far it gets you.