December 11, 2008

Albert Einstein? and PAS?

Click here to read more about this. Now to me this is extreme reaching to come to this conclusion. The first paragraph of his post:

A recently uncovered letter from Albert Einstein to his former wife Mileva Maric indicates that Maric was interfering with communications between Einstein and his children. According to the UK Daily Mail:

A bitter letter from the genius Albert Einstein to his estranged wife shows that he was just as concerned about the rights of fathers as the scientific wonders of the world.

Now I have done my own research on this issue and here is what "I" have found:

In 1914 Albert delivered a long list of cruel and degrading rules to Mileva with commands including:

You must answer me at once when I speak to you.
You will undertake not to belittle me in front of our children, either through words or behavior.
You will not expect any tenderness from me, nor will you offer any suggestions to me.

Clcik here to read more. This is an article on HELIUM. HELIUM is a writer's forum for anyone to submit original pieces of written works in order to earn money and gain notoriety as an author. The person who penned the piece about Einstein which included the above "verbal demands" on his first wife is Emele. This information is also freely available on the 'Net to anyone looking for it.

Apparently, Einstein might have been a genius with an intelligence unsurpassd by few, but a loving caring husband to his first wife, he was not. We must also examine the day and age of these letters. The children in question were 10 and 4. Now apparently the 4 year old could not write back to his father. We must also look at the period of time involved in this. This was 1914. How quick was mail at this time from one country to another? And not withstanding the mail issue, we also have the issue of Einstein's affairs (numerous and of the type which would make most civilized people cringe - cousin marriages?).

I am simply saying that quite possibly we should NOT take everything that Glenn says at face value. If he would only deliver the whole truth rather than what fits his narrow vision, we could see this picture more true to form.

Aagain I will offer my take on Einstein as I do everything else Sacks posts on his blog. I believe his first wife was a victim of emotional abuse and of his forced patriarchy on her. I cannot attest to any phsyical abuse as there has been nothing in my searches online about phsyical abuse. It is apparent though that through my research, Einstein fell in love with his first wife because she was intelligent - his equal (his own words). When he tried to delegate her to household duties and ignored her own intelligence, this served to hurt her. I am sure this is when he came up with the above set of rules, which only further served to distance her from him. Add to that the multiple extra-marital affairs with his own cousin and other women and what do we have? I will not say any more than this, I will leave it up to each reader and his/her own judgement. I have reached my own conclusion.

UPDATE: You must also go to Sacks website (Click Here) and read some of the msyogynistic comments by his followers. To be sure these are par for the course.
I will leave links for them and update as needed:
This is actually one time I agree with a "follower."
This comment above actually is not true. One only need to do a search on the 'Net in order to discover his first wife's contributions to his work, which is quite probably why she receieved some of the proceeds.

I should also point out that Einstein was communicating with his first wife and children after HE sent them away to Switzerland and he was living in Berlin. This communication was taking place at the beginning stages of World War 1. Can one think this might have possibly had something to do with the lack of communication? Apparently while Switzerland took on no offical stand during WWI, its citizens did. There were many disagreements between French speaking and German speaking citizens over who should win the War.


Rj said...

"They" always leave out just the right part. That's the only way it will work.

Glenn's Cult? said...

Oh and Rj notice how my "fan" does not comment on this article. Simply amazing that he (or she) refuses to comment on something about which he knows he can be shot down. Einstein sent his first wife and chidlren away so he could pursue an extra-marital affair. His oldest child who actually is the only child capable of communication at this time (the youngest was only 3 or 4 at the time) was also quite capable of forming his own opinion at nearly 11 about his father's choices.