December 13, 2008


I have decided I do not have time for you so will no longer allow your posts. Anonymous posts are also not going to be allowed anymore. You MRAs say it is okay for Glenn to ask for and get a "valid" email addy, well I will no longer play the game of what is good for the gander is NOT good for the goose. I will update this post with the comments waiting to be approved, and porky you can do all your work on your site. Have fun. I don't have time for your games, nor do I plan to get into a word game with you. Who cares if you think my vocabulary is not extensive enough? I sure as hell don't. All I care about is that I see women and children being hurt over and over again by abusers and Glenn Sacks is out there promoting father's rights. Where were these dads pre-divorce? I know!!! Apparently they thought there wives were quite capable of caring for the children then so they just did what they wanted. Now that the woman (God forbid) has developed courage to leave him due to abuse of her, the chidlren or both, she is no longer capable of caring for "his" children. Yeah okay, feed me another line.

Aside from the points raised here, I have bigger fish to fry and porky is not counted among those fish.

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