March 29, 2009

Grandmother wants to STEAL a 10 week old baby from the mother

My son is ther father of a 10 week old baby girl. We filed a petition to establish paternity . She had until 2/23 to respond to the papers served to her on 1/29. On 3/9 our attorney filed for a default hearing. On 3/9 their attorney filed a response of denial. After speaking the attorneys agreed that both parties should get together and resolve this out of court. My son is asking for standard Texas visitation with overnight visits. He still lives at home while attending technical college and would not even be alone with the child. The mother also lives at home with her mother, her two brothers, her gransparents and three cousins. Baby makes 10 in the house but I have been told that dosen't matter. The baby sleeps in a crib in the living room. This is also the room the mother and her mother sleep in in the same bed. I worry about her crib being under a window. We have a much safter environment for her but do not want to take her away from her mom. WE just want the time he deserves. The meeting that was going to take place this week never happened. Their attorney never retunred the calls from ours.My son is sending child support weekly and has not seen his daughter since she was 12 days old and that visit was for about 5 minutes tunil the mother told he he had no rights to the baby. Our attorney says next step if they will not talk is to file for a temp order. That could take up to 20 days. My son is distraught about missing so much of his daughters early life. WE don't even know if she is growing okay. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas that could help us?

I have only one suggestion for you Grandma from HELL.....GET OUT OF YOUR SON'S LIFE!!!!! You had your time at being a mother, leave being a mother to (drumroll folks) THE MOTHER!!!!


Lisa F said...

Your lawyer and Friend of the Court should be able to advise you on how you can proceed. Unless the child is being abused or neglected I would not even attempt to take custody, but he should be able to have some visitations, probably short and supervised at first, until they bond, then progressing.

Do you have any contact with the mom? If so perhaps she would feel better about your son seeing the baby if she knew you would be there too to help out? Maybe a couple hours here and there at first, then build a relationship with both the mom and baby, and let it grow? just a thought.

Glenn's Cult? said...

Lisa that is all well and good that dad wants to bond with child, but this grandmother wants to TAKE this child from his or her mother. Studies on Maternal Deprivation show this is extremely harmful to an infant. Also if the mother is breastfeeding, the dad should not have overnights or long periods of time so the child can feed and be nurtured. Breastfeeding is not just about getting nutrition, it is about forming early bonds.

Cold North Wind said...

I just read this post. It is totally inconcievable to me how some grandparents go after a baby. The father is still at home ? Sounds like time to be a student and not try to be a father.Especially not when his perceived "rights" result in such disruptive behavior. Pathetic.Where is King Soloman when we need him.