March 29, 2009

JeanB must have a very low IQ or.... well I guess there really is NO excuse for her stupidity

First TF who is one of the cult followers (and a regular one at that since he has been featured here before) makes remarks about a woman's appearance. Again this is one of the signs/symptoms of a controlling and angry man (verbal abuse). Second he is on an angry MRA/FR blog forum (sign #2). We must watch for further comments and see if sign #3 exists (wife accused me of abuse and stole my house, my car, my kids, and my money). If sign #3 exists then Petunia can just about guarantee he is an abusive person. Only way to figure this fact out quicker would be to deduce TF's identity and then do a search for his court records. Petunia doesn't waste her time on that though. Before deducing several of the cult members' identities she always guessed correctly as to their nature.

Well after TF insult Marcia Pappas, JeanB then gets into the fray by throwing out insults as only a woman colluder can. She appears to be insulting herself while all the while she is insulting Ms. Pappas.

Well JeanB, you say you are overweight due to being in your 40's and having had how many children? One? Well I have had multiple children (close to the octomom before the babies arrived) and I am not fat, not considered overweight and I am alsio in my 40's. In fact as a mom to an overweight child, feel the insults you are putting out to anyone who is overweight. Having children a long time ago does not make you overweight. Being over a certain age does not make you overweight. You become overweight when your metabolism slows down, when you do not eat properly and when you do not get the right combinations of food, vitamins and exercise.

So take your veiled insults and shove them where the sun don't shine (or better yet - send them down the drain in our flush-o-matic).

TF Says:

March 29th, 2009 at 9:49 pm
I've met Pappas and she is a very obese feminist who at my last meeting took and standing in front of me fed her fat face with three cream filled doughnuts from those provided by the fathers group at a legislative meeting. Her problem with men is her extreme obesity. Men are not responsible for her obesity.
Obesity is not an excuse for misandry and Pappas' cadre of feminist psychopath bimbos deserve no respect. Pappas is the poster child for a NOW feminist and the reason for their misandry..

JeanB Says:

March 29th, 2009 at 10:05 pm
#14, TF, as much as I am busting out laughing right now, shame on you for picking on the poor woman for her disorder. That’s what obesity is, yes? And we know that disorders are never one’s own fault.

And before anyone jumps all over me, I am about 25 or so pounds heavier than I should be. And yes, it is my own fault. But hey, I have a kid and am over 40. Such is life.


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Rj said...

So because someone's fat, that's a reason to pick on feminism? Juvenile arguments.