March 31, 2009

Men hurting themselves?

Stan Says:

March 31st, 2009 at 1:04 pm
Sad situation.

The injure-yourself theme is fairly common with women. Mostly to hurt a male, to make it look like "he" did it.

I have not heard about a male harming himself in order to frame a female as perpetrator.


Well Stan I can tell you from my years as an advocate and also as a former victim that yes men do hurt themselves, intentionally so they can get the women in trouble. My own abusive ex did this. I watched him and so did our children. In fact that is what saved me from sure jail time - one of the little buggers (sadly the one who when visiting dear ol dad gets the comments - dam I thought I divorced that beeyotch, but she comes back every other weekend). Ladies we have been challenged I believce. Has your ex ever hurt himself, or done something to make it appear he was the victim rather than you? Please comment below, send yoru friends to comment as well. I will turn anonymous commenting back on to protect your identity. And Stan your comment goes to the flush-o-matic as well.


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