March 10, 2009

Good dads

In going back through my blog I realize many might come to believe that I hate men. This could not be further from the truth. I love all "good" people. My brother, while not a father, is a great role model to my children. he has expanded their horizons and introduced them to things they might not have ever done with just myself and their bio-dad. In the daycare (which I might add is run by a man) they attend, they have him as a role model as well as other men who work there. Men are awesome if they think of the children. Women are awesome if they think of the children.

But this is where my issue comes to play. It is those men and those women who do NOT think of the children. How plain this is when you read the many websites and blogs available out there saying men are bad, women are bad and each site has its own little (or big) following. I am simply saying that people who use junk science to further abuse someone (and the statistics say women are largely the victims of domestic abuse, men are largely the perps of sexual abuse), we must stop pointing fingers and start coming up with tools to better see abuse. Get rid of junk science, call it what it is.

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