March 10, 2009

Gee whiz - can they make up their minds now?

First the MRA/FR groups say that women are evil and try to tear up and destroy families. Then they condemn them because they want to keep a family together. Click Petunia to check out the latest ramblings on the CULT, and click here to get the full story. Unbelievably there are even some on that news site that are condemning this mother as well.....for keeping her family together....

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scott said...

Ok nothing wrong with keeping families together i belive it should be , the problem with this is she signed a contract she committed when she signed up with the knowledge that she could have become a mother and as most have said its not the fact she got out of it , she got an honorable discharge which means full benefits and privileges which she didnt deserve no where else in the world do you get to break a contract and get a reward for it , we are losing men and women daily yet those who agreed to protect the country of their birth can choose not to.