March 29, 2009

Laurie can join the list of colluders (or otherwise known as child support haters - except when they are on the receiving end)

Laurie Says:

March 5th, 2009 at 1:28 pm
I would have LOVED to be able to stay at home with my daughter, but it's simply not financially feasible for my husband and I (of course he pays a large chunk of change in CS, so that doesn't help any). We need both incomes and luckily enough, my mom watches our daugher for free.

Last year, my parents went on vacation so I took the week off to stay with our daughter. Let me tell you...any woman that says being a SAHM is equally or more difficult that working outside of the home is quite simply...FULL OF IT! Like Glenn's as difficult as you make it. I am admittedly one of those "clean freaks", who likes everything to be clean and in it's place, and I found that spending only a bit of time every day doing just basic straightening up, and maybe a load or two of laundry, stopping at the grocery store, that I still had PLENTY of time to spend with our daughter and I also had a fair amount of time for myself as well. Around 5:00 I would start dinner and by the time my husband came home @ 6:30, the house was clean, our daughter bathed and in her PJ's and dinner was on the table. Sorry ladies, but I just don't consider that work. And even if I did, it doesn't hold a candle to the amount of work my husband does six days a week. It's funny too because when I've told that story to some SAHM's that I know, they got all offended and I was letting their little secret out of the bag.

Okay Lauuuurieeeeeee (sorry doing my best to show MY contempt and sarcasm towards this "person" while at the same time keeping it somewhat in check), one must ask several million dollar questions here:

1. Does your dear hubby (who was mentioned once directly and several times indirectly about his "HUGE" cs obligation) - does he contribute at all towards household duties? Does he do dishes? Cook supper? Mow the lawn? What is the division of household duties in your household?
2. What is the age of your LONE child? You mention "daughter" yet you fail to mention her age and if there are other children in the household. One child is much easier to care for than 2, 3, or more. The age of a child is also a factor, as young infants require some attention, toddlers require constant supervision, older toddlers require slightly less and the level of supervision of said schildren declines as these children get older.
3. One must wonder over the level of hostility towards the previous spouse of you husband. Do you display this animosity towards her in her presence? That is is keeping with "friendly" parenting yes siree.
4. At 6:30 your child is in pj's? If she is a young child that might be all well and good, but at 6:30 your child is ready for bed? What time does she have to socialize with anyone (again no age of daughter was given so we cannot go on anything here). I know my school aged child would pitch a fit to be having to take a bath and be in pj's by 6:30pm. She is still over at friends' houses or she has friends over here.

Being a stay at home mom or being a working mom are both challenging tasks. I refuse to get into a debate with you, my sole purpose is to call you out as the woman hater you truly are.

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