March 2, 2009

Moderation????? Hmmmmmmm............

A comment left that may or may not be approved on a fellow blogger's website:

I consider your site essentially no better than a hate crime against children and fathers. You will go down in history as a nut case. Your moderation alone shows you work to prevent the trusth from getting out for some sick motive.

Now why is it not okay for us to moderate our blogs and protect the sometimes very fragile abuse victims who may frequent our sites? Now I am not one of those fragile victims, I am mor in line with a fed-up victim. I am tired of being re-victimized every chance they get. And seriously "Anonymous" (one must wonder about those so afraid to even give a handle - as to what your motives are. May I also point out on Sacks' website, the moderation in place. I managed to "get around" the blocks he had in place against me, only to be deleted. His first excuse? No valid email. One must wonder what his second excuse will be since I GAVE a valid email address at this go-around?

I will not hold my breath awaiting his answer :-)

Now as for this lowly piece of dog doo, come out come out wherever you are. Oh gee I forgot, you can't because you are HIDING (behind that magical word - ANONYMOUS!!!!! The question with you (not Sacks - I am done with him for the moment) is what are YOU hiding from?

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