March 14, 2009

JeanB - pay attention please.... Oh I forgot you belong over there you can't....

Wow. The "Mother and Father" added to "Father Only" is still less than the "Mother Only." So, how do they figure it is usually the father who hurts or murders these children?

This study does not account for time spent by each abuser with the child. In mother abuse cases, the mother typically spends more time with the child. In father abuse cases this is not true. If we factor in the time spent by each perpetrator with the child and accounted for that in these figures, you would see the father abuse percentages skyrocket. Just simple math, not rocket science... Do you understand now?

Guess not you will still spout the tired old statistics, and all the supposed bad stories on men, the dead broke stories, the lies, the propaganda that MEN have created. So go back to your little commune.

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