March 29, 2009

Another jealous stepmonster

2ndWife Too Says:

March 5th, 2009 at 1:45 pm
When my sisters had kids, they told me how hard it was to be a SAHM. Even my sister who lived in Dubai with a live-in maid/nanny LOL. When I got pregnant, and had twin boys, I was terrified of how hard it would be, based on my sisters accounts. Well, what I found out is that staying home, even with twins, is not near as hard as working full-time. When my husband related to his co-workers that I admitted staying home to raise kids was easier (and more fun), they were incredulous "she actually admits that?!" It is also so ful-filling to be able to see your kids change every day when they are young. I didn't get to stay home full-time long (becaue of all the $$$ sent to 1st wife who has kids in junior high and still doesn't work). Women who stay at home and don't appreciate what they have, and the option to have it, are spoiled and ungrateful.

Need I add anything more to this hate-filled spew from a "supposed" second wife? Only one thing comes to mind -

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