March 14, 2009

LK what koolaid are you drinking?

You know sweetie, I don't necessarily condone that sort of behavior, but I do respect the attention that f4j has brought to the fathers rights/family court issue.

Civil disobedience is a last resort and people like you are the cause by turning men into monsters, simply because you had a bad one. You know the old saying, "one bad apple spoils the whole bunch."

You know - first and foremost - someone who calls me "sweetie" and in the manner of which you did, automatically goes on moderation. You then go on to justify the F4J movement and the superheroes climbing on bridges, buildings and even private residences? You justify the F4J threats to kidnap Tony Blair's son? You justify countless men rebelling against court mandated support for children? You rebel against a woman's right to live free from ALL abuse?

Okay that comment goes here:


UPDATE: And why is it that I and the others who have been in my shoes before - are the ones who make these men be the way they are? Why is it okay for you to point your crooked little nag fingers at me for "turning men into freaks" when quite probably they were already freaks? Even Glenn Sacks their fearless leader calls some of them loonies......

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MamaLiberty said...

A pig by any other name....would smell as sweet?
Sweetie? it's 2009 not 1909 fools!