March 29, 2009

2+2=4 not 5 you DUMAS!!!!!

Tex Says:

March 5th, 2009 at 4:34 pm
"This is one factor why women are so touchy about equal custody. Once the children are removed as a crutch there is no reason why they should not have to walk the walk just like the men have had to do for eternity."

Actually this is the main factor. Bring up equal custody and what's the first thing that happens? A fem immediately screams that men just want to pay less child support.

Meaning, clearly, that women just want to receive more.

If the "types" of women who are in your life are like this, then I feel very badly for you. Now with that being said, child support is about giving the child (as closely as possible) the same lifestyle enjoyed by the child when the couple was still together. A child who lived in a million dollar home should not have to be living in a studio apartment simply because the father is too selfish to support said child. Also in your little world, I do not know where an area where it is possible for a mother and the children to live on what a father is court ordered to pay in child support. Should the child suffer simply because mom or dad (whoever the case may be) couldn't keep their clothes on? Or because they decided to no longer live together as man and wife? Or (as in most cases of child support revolt) the man is abusive, controlling and feels "that bitch should not get MY MONEY?" "That bitch" will not "get" your money indefinitely (unless of course you decide to revolt). At some point she will cease to benefit indirectly from the payments made to support a child. So get over yourself already. Most of you MRA's are such a whiny little bunch - my 5 yr old is more mature than you are.....

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