March 7, 2009

Louise Uccio and your comments

I let the first one slide through since you were civil. While you were mostly civil in your second one, that one is staying right where it is. Sadly you have to believe what you believe. If your children are being brainwashed against you, that is abuse - no need to add a label to it. You say men and women are equally guilty of this, well the courts do not see it that way. I know of a lady who has suffered many losses in her life. Her abusive husband while in the midst of a divorce said some sick things to their children. One of the children was effected deeply by this, not allowing the mother near. It was proven in court that the dad had said these things (witnessed by CPS and many others), yet NOTHING was done to the father. The judge in that case simply told the mother she had best stop denying visitation to the father or she would be in jail - he did not take kindly to mothers alienating the children from the father.

So with that said (and again that was one of the worst cases I know of - there are thousands more. PAS is JUNK SCIENCE!!! Brainwashing, telling lies about the other parent to the child - IA ABUSE. Call it what it is. BUT!!!!!! If the parent who says there is brainwashing happening was abusive, then it is not abuse - it is SPEAKING THE TRUTH. Using junk science to further your own agenda is only playing into the abusers hands. So unless you have something to contribute with helping those who have been victimized - go back to NANCM or Glenn Sacks (since you like to frequent his blog and you can count on not being banned from there). Guess what? You are banned from here. Anyone who furthers the PAS agenda is not welcome here. We are attempting to discover ways to show how the court whores profit from taking children away from the protective parent (generally speaking - the mother), how to better assist the victims of domestic violence, and above all else - work towards children's rights - IE: THE BEST INTERESTS OF THE CHILD!


LK said...

I'll bet if you experienced it you'd see it differently.


Parental Alienation Fraud Victim said...

Louise needs to figure out that claiming parental alienation by a women doesn't get them their kids back. Men take kids away from women as a form of abuse, they also make false allegations of abuse against women all the time. Only when the men make the false claims, they are believed, but when a woman HAS EVIDENCE and eyewitnesses, and various proof of abuse, she can still be victimized by a man who will say she is making false allegations and is a parental alienator. And a bunch of lawyers and psychologists are readily available to attack the women. So open your eyes Louise, you have been victimized by someone who made up things about you and took your kids away. What could be more abusive than Maternal Deprivation - terminology well established in the psychology field.

Glenn's Cult? said...

To LK:

You would be surprised at what I know and what I have been through. I would not "point fingers" and I really don't think you should either. Just give this a few years. You never know what might be revealed.

In other words, I can speak about this subject, I have experienced it from many different roles. I DO know what I am speaking of. At this point I have children to protect so I cannot speak out other than to show how nasty the FR types seem to be. And as shown in my post about Delanddale, they wish worse things on NCM's than women do on NCF's.

I never wish for my children's father to be driving on a suspended license, nor do I wish he is hungry and has to apply for food stamps. I wish he would grow up and stop hurting me and our children. I never wanted a divorce, I simply wanted to stop the beatings. I simply wanted "me" back. I never realized that to get me back and to stop the beatings I would have to become a single mom.

But that's okay. He now needs to stop the mental torture. That will not happen however, as he is a man who MUST have ALL CONTROL. And that is what thisis about - the abusive man's unquenching and never ending desire for CONTROL.