March 6, 2009

Now this one is even worse - Custodial Dad denies mother the ability to feed herself?

This one comes from a previously showcased "wonderful dad". Delanddale welcome back to my world. Here you will not find the good ol' boys who will pat you on the back and sympathize with you. Here you will get the no holds barred view from Petunia. Petunia thinks you are one lucky man that she is not near you to come sit on you, or snort and drool all over your nice clean suits you bought with the blood money you call child support. Petunia would also love to slurp up all that booze you are buying too (what can she say she is a boozer - she had to be to fit into the good ol' boys club). What has really not settled in Petunia's snout very well is the fact that you would like to deny this woman who is unemployed (like many Americans right now) the ability to purchase food so she can EAT!!!! As an eater too (you see Petunia also lovessssssssssss to eat), taking food away from someone ranks up there pretty high.

The only thing that makes Petunia any madder is when a dad uses junk science to take a child away from the mother. Now wondering reader, you may ask - what is this "junk science" you speak of Petunia? Well Petunia answers her gentle and ever so kind readers, that "junk science" is Parental Alienation Syndrome aka PAS. So dear old dad hunts down momma like a deer in a car's headlights and rams it to her in court, then he wants to deny her the ability to feed herself, and gets mad at his brother in law because BIL refused to call the police on his ex-sister in law for driving on a suspended license - at the UNEMPLOYMENT office? Men are constantly claiming women do this to them and it is wrong, yet here we have a MAN who wants to do this to the mother of his child(ren)? Petunia is not happy no sireee!!!!! Now tell me Delanddale, did you use PAS and cry and whine to the courts about how mean momma was, your children (let's not forget about the chattel law these men want to see come back into vogue) did not want to see you, were god forbid afraid of you? But okay let's see - now the kids live with you, I am sure from your "tone" that your kids are not in the dark as to child support (because again PAS is not used against dads - only moms, so you have no fear that she will claim alienation) and dear mom who at one time you promised to honor and cherish - is now a worthless piece of garbage? She doesn't even deserve to eat?

Read below gentle readers

I would like how many fathers who are eligible financially to receive food stamps, but can't get them because they owe child support? I ask this because if a woman owes child support she can still get this assistance that also blocks her from having to pay for the support she owes. So is it the same for fathers?

I just found out that my Ex must have gotten sanction lifted and is now collecting. I found this out after speaking to someone at our local Child Support Enforcement office and I am pissed. Now all that is left is for her to get busted for driving with no drivers license which is another thing that the local authorities have not done yet. Which brings to mind a resentment I have with my sisters husband.

He saw her the other day and id not call the law on her. In fact she was coming out of the unemployment office probably turning in some report on the work she claims she looked for but never really did. I know her so well because she did the same thing when we were together. Either way the government need to change it's rules or try to do a much deeper investigation on most applicants who apply for assistance, Especially the ones who have already violated their rules and have been busted before by lying to them.


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Expose The Truth said...

Looks to me like "Butch" really wants to make that "bitch" pay. I wonder why he hates her so much and why he thinks it's ok to pursue the mother of his children with such vindictiveness. It seems Butch is consumed with rage like a lot of men whose wives leave them because they are violent bullies.