March 29, 2009

Moms killing themselves? Not likely - dads are beating us to the punch...

These are some of the headlines which greeted Parenting Magazine’s new “Mad at Dad” survey which found that 31% of mothers get “little or no help” with childcare and 46% of mothers “get irate with their husbands once a week or more.” The New York Times called the survey “disturbing,” while a Washington Post columnist announced that mothers are “literally killing themselves.”

This was lifted from Glenn Sacks website ( - I will not directly link you will have to work to go to his site. My point over this post and Sacks' misinformation is simply this. One need only look at the recent headlines to see that while women work hard, men are actually killing women (and children, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and basically anyone who gets in their way).

In Florida there has been one murder/suicide carried out by a man every week for the last month. People excuse these murders by blaming the economy or anything so we do not have to truly look at the cause of the problem (angry and controlling men). I have to point out that one of these men (the most recent perp of a murder/suicide) decided to try to take out a police officer (he did not succeed with that task thankfully) as well as his girlfriend, her son, and himself. The news reports state that he was in the midst of a foreclosure. Then we have those same reporters go on to discuss the arsenal this man had in his possession and the lethality and cost of those weapons. One of the weapons in this man's arsenal was a 50 caliber ammo and weapon.

One of the local news shows did a recent story on all of the weapons that Langford had at his disposal and by selling these weapons, any "financial" issues that plagued this man could have been dispatched quickly. According to this local news show, a 50 caliber assault rifle can cost anywhere from 2,000 to 12,000 dollars. This was only one of numerous handguns, rifles, and weaponry at this monster's disposal. To see the weapons available to this man click HERE and watch the video.

You can also learn by going through Orlando Senntinel's website coverage of this case that Langford's ex-wife sought dv injunctions on two separate occasions.

Petunia deduces this was not a man ravaged by guilt over financial issues, she believes this was another man who was not able to control his victims any longer.

And in short order we now have more victims to add to the statistics of dv.

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