March 31, 2009

The KING himself is concerned?!?!?!?!?

2) That being said, Yoshida looks so small and frail that I'm a bit concerned about her ability to handle sharp comebackers. Hopefully she's got good reflexes.

2) She throws a sidearm knuckleball--very rare. The only one I ever heard of doing that was Dan Quisenberry, who only used it for a couple years and it wasn't his main pitch. If she can actually throw this pitch, she may be very durable, considering that the knuckleball takes far less out of your arm than other pitches, and the sidearm motion is more natural than the conventional overhand motion. From the video above, there seems to be very little stress on her arm.

3) One thing that I think will be difficult for her is hitting. Pitchers aren't expected to hit much, but they do have to do it a little. Does anybody know if the Japanese leagues use the Designated Hitter rule? That would increase her chances.

Oh Sackypoo, she is just oh so small and oh so frail, we must protect the little womyn....PLEASE!!!!!! Women can do whatever they want, whenever they want. If a woman wants to be POTUS, then she by god has the right to try to do so. If she wants to care for her children by being a SAHM, then she can do that too. WOMEN do not need tubs o' lard like you to protect us. Lose the knight in shining armor act. It does not become you at all.

Oh and learn how to number too.....

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