February 9, 2009

Sister Wall Of Shame AKA Court Of Colluders and (drumroll please).....

I have plans to set up the Sister Wall of Shame AKA The Court Of Colluders very soon. As all things in nature have a right and a left, a dark and a light, a right and a wrong; I must also set up the Sister Wall Of Fame. I will be including those moms who in the face of extreme abuse, face off to the MRAs of today. This could be in any number of ways. Right now I only have three nominees (I have several in mind and since I know them I must seek their approval), but I will honor the three who I have seen doing the next right thing. My first I will speak of tomorrow evening. She uses the posting name 'Georgia Girl' and let me tell you, this woman is attacked from all sides. She is a victim like many of us, and as a vocal victim advocate in her own right, she tirelessly speaks out about rape. Yet she is attacked by these MRA types and even by several of the colluders mentioned here on yours truly's website. Seems there is no end to the women who would betray other women (is the sex that good?!?!?!). What kind of perks are you getting to betray a woman, especially one who is a victim?

I also have quite a lovely treat for those waiting (tomorrow - patience is a virtue now). Queen of all Queen colluders coming straight to us from down under. LGS have I got your attention now? Yes you LGS. I am sure you will recognize yourself once you see all of the filth that has spewed from your fingertips about the 'other woman'. Are you angry that she got your man first and you are left with sloppy seconds? Or do you have some deep rooted psych issue concerning a child's love for their mother? Or is it really simple and you are just Australia's biggest buffoon? I guess the world will have to wait until tomorrow evening to decide that issue. We can all then vote and decide who the biggest TARD is...... Ciao LGS..... AKA TARD because we all know your wonderful man's ex-wife is not a TARD, so you must only be speaking of yourself - YOU TARD!!!!!!!

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