February 8, 2009

Now boys we cannot have it both ways....

As you see in the post directly below this one, Glenn Sacks states that verbal or mental abuse is not dv. You then have this wonderful statement from one of his followers. First let me state this is complete and total victim blaming - she MADE me do it. Again this shows the double standards these men (and I use that term loosely - these are not 'real' men in my book) use to justify the simple process that is happening. Men who are prone to abuse women simply feel that they are allowed to do so or are entitled to abuse/control women.

So which is it boys? Is mental and verbal abuse actual abuse, or isn't it? Or should I start giving you cake and letting you eat it too?

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Sad Dad Says:

January 30th, 2009 at 1:30 pm
When I was first married, my wife's ex husband told me she used to make him so mad that sometimes he wanted to kill her, but being freshly married I didn't see it. It was a warning that went right over my head. 10 years later I saw what he was saying. Just before we'd go to bed she would just start complaining and arguing and would not shut up until I was so mad I couldn't contain myself. And she did this every single night. And that just was not me. I hated who she turned me into, it was so bad I didn't care what happened to me or the house or anything. I just wanted out of this hell I was living in. That is a bad place to be and I am a really easy going friendly person who loves kids and gives people a second chance. What she did to me I considered abuse and she knew I couldn't touch her, a matter of fact she knew it and relied on the fact that I couldn't. She drove me insane and I think that's what happens in a lot of DV cases don't you agree?

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