February 24, 2009

Orlando to have new program to assist in determining lethality in DV situations

Questionnaire helps Orlando police break spiral of domestic abuse

Now this is one SMALL step in the right direction. Also notice that there are 52 comments as of 4:00PM EST February 24, 2009.

Some of the comments while possibly an attempmt at humor are nonetheless so very true. Men who attempt to control their wives through the use of violence are then left windering why she then tires of the assaults and uses that information in her divorce of him. One poster on this site sums it up while humorously, in terms we can all understand:

Springfield, VA
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Amen to Orlando for taking a Pro-Active approach to domestic violence. Years ago I was the victim of a violent stalker and there were no laws to protect. LE's hands were tied until a crime was committed. If this new technique can thwart even one assault, there is value. Prevention is a large part of the cure and it doesn't cost the taxpayers anything for the cops to ask questions.

And a note to the poster who believes women use Domestic Violence to prosper in divorce proceedings. B/S. Women use MEN to prosper in divorce proceedings. For some, that's what marriage is for. Don't like it; don't marry -- it's a fools' investment.

One can only hope that surrounding cities and counties in Florida will step up to the plate as OPD and Orlando has done.

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