February 20, 2009

Eagle30 I want your powers of leaping to conclusions please....

Now how he jumps from women are the vast majority of rape victims to feminists want to ignore any male victims out there is beyond me. jeana never stated that male victims should be ignored, she simply said female victims are the norm whereas male victims are not. Nowhere in her statement did she say male victims should be ignored. It is getting harder and harder to narrow down just one person a day for the DUMAS of the day award.

Eagle30 Says:

February 20th, 2009 at 3:46 pm
Jenna: "It’s a shame when ANY rapist doesn’t go to jail. Vast majority of them are male, tho’. So to concentrate on the teeny tiny percentage who are female kind of makes me shake my head. Every time."

So you would rather this issue not be addressed and swept under the rug? You think male victims of female abuse don't count because they're not the majority?

I actually see jeana saying here that all rapists should go to jail. Readers what do you see?

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