February 22, 2009

Do the twist....They sure do know how to 'twist' scenarios to fit into their teeny tiny little world over at Sacks

Robert Franklin sure knows how to do the twist and make facts and statistics fir into his teeny tiny little bubble of a world. He states that because 60% of all those convicted of human trafficking are female, this means that us awful evil wimmin are bad, bad, bad.

Well RF could it also mean that those who are high up in this little chain of trafficking are simply not being caught and convicted and the little person is caught, tried and convicted?

Let's look at this on this side of the border. When you think of human trafficking (or using humans - no matter their sex) for profit, what comes to mind? What pops into my mind is the ever present prostitution racket. Now what pops into mind when you think of prostitutes? Ahh again females, with a rare exception here and there for a male prostitute. Now what comes to mind when thinking of the pimps (or "traffickers")? Ahh yes again - males come to mind when thinking of the pimps or traffickers of the prostitution trade. There are rare exceptions for a female pimp. Now one last question (I realize all these questions are really taxing you limited intellectual abilities here). What types of punishment is there for the actual prostitutes versus the pimps or even shall we say the customers?

Click here to read an article on targeting of prostitutes and customers. In the first paragraph it is stated that customers are only targeted in 10% of the cases. There really is not the volume of information about pimping or pandering available online as there is for prostitution.

So what does this say to me? It says again women are targeted and men are given a virtual free pass. One note to the pandering information available....There are pages upon pages of information about Hiedi Fleiss available. So yet again we have more women/females targeted. What is wrong with this picture people?

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