February 23, 2009

Links directly to my posts (and others) that are no longer available?

These are all posts which will no longer work on this page. This is due to the deletion of my 5 or 6 posts. Lets see I will try to recount all of those posts for you. The first one I wrote a vague commentary on the article. mca (menscollegeactivist) then addressed me and his posts were deleted as well. Jason then decided to join his brother in arms with this post:

Jason Says:

February 22nd, 2009 at 8:42 pm
"Yet the men on here (and some women) say that when a woman has beaten a conviction in court, she is being given a sentencing discount."

Um... no.

What people mean when they talk about a sentencing discount is that when comparing men and women who have been convicted of the same crime, women tends to receive more lenient punative measures.

This is not the same thing as beating a conviction altogether.

You have misunderstood the terminology and how it is used.

Several more of my posts are then deleted again (again none with foul language, all asking if we could discuss this matter civilly as I had read through most of the report quoted in the quoted newspaper article. Jason then said something to the effect of two other hated female posters on that blog were "attacking" him as was I in his opinion and one of these women had some sort of obsession over his "private areas". I then asked him if he would provide a link to the obsession over his private areas by georgia girl, and he refused (makes me think he quite possibly HOPED georgia girl had this obsession, but again that is just my opinion. I challenge anyone to find this so-called obsession on gg's part over Jason's private parts. I pride myself on being somewhat Internet search savvy, and I could not locate it.

Norman then jumps into the fray by adding his two cents into the mix (which I might add has NOT been deleted):

Norman L. Says:

February 23rd, 2009 at 2:12 am

sounds like a loser, doesn't she?

If you choose to read the rest of the attacks on New friend or Glenn's Cult (well at least the ones that were left up by GS or RF) you may do so by clicking Petunia.













Now to show you that these links do work for the active posts which are viewable right now please go to:

jeana's post, one of Jason's MANY posts, now one must wonder why my posts were deleted? I followed GS's rules, I provided a good email address. It is my firm opinion that GS and the others involved in this attempt to beat women down, must not ever allow anyone who shows credibility the permission to post. It also goes against everything the cult followers of this entity state. GS does censore his website. My only question is

What are you in fear of GS?

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