February 20, 2009

Egads!!!! I should have read more of this disgusting dribble....

Had I have read further I would have awarded Eagle30 with the DUMAS of the Day award. Ehhh no worries eagle30, your day will come I am sure. Read below for more of his superman leaping abilities.

Eagle30 Says:

February 20th, 2009 at 6:37 pm
Jenna: "Did I encourage the cover-up of male victims drugged by their girlfriends? No I didn’t."

Again, I quote you:

"It’s a shame when ANY rapist doesn’t go to jail. Vast majority of them are male, tho’. So to concentrate on the teeny tiny percentage who are female kind of makes me shake my head. Every time."

The fact you think you shake your head whenever this "Teeny" percentage of female abusers are focused on says it all. You condone male abuse.

Now where did jeana say that she did not want the perps of male victims, be they male or female locked up? She stated that these loonies only focus on male victims or in the case of female victim-female perps, the FEMALES who commit rape. This is so very true. Glenn and his cult never comment on any male perps.

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