February 20, 2009

DUMAS of the DAY award goes to (drumroll please...)


(my comments in red)

Charlie Says:

February 20th, 2009 at 5:38 pm
I'm just reading Sanford L. Braver's book, Divorced Dads, in which he concludes that there is little difference in post divorce economic living styles for moms and dads. This book is must-read material. He debunks several feminist myths about fathers and divorce.

Other factors not usually included in feminist calculations are earned income credit, child tax deductions, child credits, child care credits, education expense credits, and now stimulus package child credits. What about when the judges take pity on the dads and givge all thsi to someone making nearly 100,000 a year taking it from the mom who makes 15,000? When you add all these calculations in, the moms are doing pretty darn well. Some argue that the economic gains are a major incentive to divorce, especially when you add the new boyfriends additional economic support. And again I must comment...what about those dads who refuse to let the mom move on and must do everything in their power to end any relationships she starts?

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