February 12, 2009

As Promised - the TARD

Now as I promised I am delivering on the TARD. LGS what is your issue? You must have some deep rooted evil inside you to be acting this way towards the mother of the child for whom you help provide care. I refuse to say be a mother figure to, or even say you love this child because it is apparent through your own writings you do not love this child. Read Below:

Hi Peter, I do understand where you are coming from , Trust me (I'm a woman......roflfmao , again dripping with sarcasm). I oft say to my wonderful husband..... ......I know I am not the sharpest crayon in the pack, but why the Fk did you hook up with them? I mean they are the epitome of everything you so despise in a person let alone a female. He just looks back at me with absolute sadness and confusion on his face and says........ ....I don't know. Again my wonderful husband says bout the Courts here in Australia... ...."as long as you have tits n a vagina, you get anything you want and then some more". Never a truer word has been spoken. I was absolutely naive before I got together with my wonderful husband. I had absoltuely no idea that men were treated like a donor system, walking wallets, strangers to their own children. The most distrubing part of all this, is that it is court sanctioned. Men in this country are all but emascualted, and for that, as a female, I am truly truly sorry. No offence taken whatsoever Peter, I am just on my high horse, dramas here like you wouldnt believe. Why should that surprise me really, the cycle just keeps on turning. I have set out below what has been happening. Hugz Lee

I swear I am about to blow a fuse. The kicker is that the child is meant to be going to the TARDs for a weekend contact from this arvo till sunday night. My sister in law said to the child this morn........ ..so you looking forward to going to your Mums for the weekend? The child just replied with a grunt. Kinda says it all eh.

So there you have it folks.... I will post more websites from the woman who feels it is her duty to call the mother to the child of her husband a TARD..... And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

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