February 20, 2009

Again jeana withstands attacks in order to speak out about RAPE

I have written prviously on how the few women and women's rights advocates speak out on Sacks' forum, only to be attacked and belittled. Here we have another instance in which jeana - speaking out as she does on rape issues - get attacked by another of the frothing-mouth FR loonies (in Glenn's own words).

It's pretty straight forward, and talks to the lowest common denominator. I would think a 10y/o could understand it, so you may have to play it several times Jeanna.

Now what is John D attempting to convey with this little snark remark? That maybe in his opinion jeana is either younger than 10 therefore she would have to view this video several times in order to understand it, or that she is older than 10 and has the mentality of a less than 10 yr old? Knowing these men it is probably the latter, because they are constantly calling into question the intelligence (or lack thereof) of the defenders of victims posting on Sacks' site.

Read below Petunia for more snark from Glenn's Cult....

Hey Jeanna, I hear Mike Nifongs old district is looking for a new prosecutor? No experience required. The only criteria is an intense hatred of men.

Oh, you're probably not interested--you're OVER qualified.

jeana however, can truly handle herself with dignity and almost all of the time with a little humor (and if I may be so bold and follow in what the MRAs claim we "feminist" trolls do) Atta Girl!!! LMAO!!!!

I never libeled you; I told you my opinion on how I think you see rape cases.

"You seem to want to do everything in your power to prevent men from being charged or convicted with rape, regardless of their actual guilt."

"You seem to want to change the law and redefine rape so that it is virtually impossible to convict a man, like in the Middle East."

Is that libel? Nope. My opinion based on things you've said in this and other threads. And I now am considering making an additional citizen's arrest against you, once I determine if I can actually do this.

and here (jeana will you make an extra doll for me pretty please?)

Do it!! I dare you. I could go through the threads and show why I think what I do, but that would take too much time. And lucky for you I’ve decided not to arrest you. Instead, I will make a voodoo doll of you and stick it with pins whenever you write something that annoys me. Which is a lot.

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