February 23, 2009

I just cannot believe lil ol me has the power to make many men shake and quiver....

They are so scared that they must delete a total of 5 or 6 posts from me and poof just like that, the posts are gone. I must wonder if Glenn really banned me because I would not post my email, or if he realized that myself and many of the other women who were posting on his site were close to exposing his little cult for what it truly is. Now for the newbies, you must be wondering - what in the world is she talking about? A cult? A cult of personality? Blue Oyster Cult? The Family (Charles Manson)? Heaven's Gate? Branch Davidians? Or perhaps one of the most famous of all, Jim Jones of the People's Temple?

No I am not speaking of any of those. I am talking of a group of (in my OPINION) misguided, possibly criminal minded men (and their subsequent spouses or mothers) who feel that a woman should not have the right to say she feels she has been abused by her husband, she is afraid for her safety, and as such afraid for her children's safety as well.

These men (and teh women who help them) have a few Gods they worship in their midst. One of these Gods is a pudge (again only in my opinion) of a man by the name of Glenn Sacks. He has a gift for words, but sadly he uses it to defame, defile, and denigrate any victims of rape or domestic violence who may be near.

He is joined by many of the lesser Gods who run blogs, coordinate the movements of one the biggest groups known for abuse - the F4J (read about the sexual abuse charges levied against one such F4J memeber here) and many others who use Facebook, Myspace, Blogger, Wordpress and many other such avenues in order to spread their message of hate and misogyny to all spots of the world. No one with a computer is safe from their message of hate.

In fact here is just one of the many messages of hate spread by the devoted followers of GS:

AnonymousPamphleteer Says:

February 23rd, 2009 at 8:06 pm
I assume that 60% does not include the vast numbers of American women who use children as a cash crop to cash in through the mechanism of American family courts.

Isn't having a child to as to access a man's money a form of trafficking? The child is used for his money-getting potential, and is not necessarily cared about as a human being, just a resource to be used to extract money from a male.

Think about it.

These men in fact are so nasty to women and to those who desire a more modern sort of life (you know - one in which we are not drug around by our hair while the man beats on his chest me man, you woman blah blah blah) that GS has had to make "rules" about what sorts of words the men can and cannot use to describe feminists. These "followers" were fond of using the term femi-nazi. While I am not directly related to anyone who suffered during the Holocaust, I can read, I can look at pictures. What I saw of the Holocaust disgusted me beyond belief. And for any man (and speaking of men - wasn't it MEN who primarily carried out the orders of Hitler, who was himself another MAN), to compare a woman who wants to be free from abuse, free to make choices about her own body, free to have a VOICE compare these women to HITLER who took freedoms away, in fact took many many LIVES away is despicable.

The fact that there even needs to be a "rule page" taht says you cannot call feminists feminazis, leads me to question to very credibility of any of these men.

Click Petunia to go directly to the "RULE PAGE".


It should be noted that by clicking here you can see as I did that in the the little over 2 years that Glenn Sacks has been posting his blog, the word FEMINAZI has been used over 550 times. It has 38 pages on a Google search. Form your own opinion on this man and his followers, gentle readers.

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