February 27, 2009

Some stepmonster wisdom "ramblings" for you....

These are the women who are supposed to mother the children taken from moms who most of the time are good moms. Read on for some "amazing" insight into these women.

Before I end... I just want to reaffirm that "The Hurricane" is a crazy bitch and a bad mother...

Slightly off topic.... When the Screaming Banshee came to collect the kids last night

Kid Z has social skills class (a class for kids that can't keep their damn hands to themselves)

I have had one major run-in with "The Hurricane" in which it ended with her saying "fuck you" and I called her a "crazy bitch"...

Editor Note: Which happened first is the million dollar question?

"who's taking the kids," and his reply is "well, they can just stay here and be part of the party." I put a stop to that....I don't need 3 high maintenance little freaks running around while I prepare for my surprise party.

Editor Note: I am sure bio-mom would love to know you call her flesh and blood, high-maintenance little freaks. But what can be expected when you call their mother names like bitch and Hurricane?

it would be a disaster if he were to spend more time with his mother than necessary...he returns from her house behaving like a wild animal....

Anyhow.....twas very strange but the children were as close to angels as I have ever experienced.... maybe they are afraid that Santa's watching or they're afraid of me.

I vote YOU, after reading through your blog....!!!!

I knew that my DH was my soulmate almost as soon as we met, despite the unfortunate problem of us both being married to other people at the time.

EDITOR NOTE: Nice.....you destroyed not one but two homes...real nice

Oh, and the Screaming Banshee and Loser Boyfriend deserve a huge mention for the total lack of common-sense and responsibility they've demonstrated this year.

Now look at me. All I did was marry a man with 3 kids and a psycho ex-wife, and try to have a baby. My life has turned into a bloody soap opera from hell!

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