February 8, 2009

A princess on the court of collluders - Biscuit Queen (you are no queen honey)

It simply amazes me how a woman can turn on her own in this fashion. This 'Buscuit Queen' is really no better than Ann Coulter. They both want women to revert back in time to a place where men ruled their houses with an iron fist, women had no rights, no say in anything. Property was mens, chidlren belonged to men(as if children are a piece of furniture or something). Biscuit Queen, I call you out as a disgrace to true women all over the world. I call you out as the disgusting pig you are. Take your place with the like of Coulter and Dobson. SOOOOEEEEEYYYYYY!!!! We are calling your name BQ.

The Biscuit Queen Says:

February 7th, 2009 at 2:30 pm
Maybe we should hire one person to go through the loopholes and close them on a case by case basis. If they closed one such scheme a year they would pay for their own wages. I imagine having one dedicated person to explore these things could save us a great deal of money.

I always thought poor families should get together and share child care duties-one person work first shift, one second, and trade kids. But I assumed they would be working and earning when their kids were at care. Why do these mothers always breed like rats, anyways?

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