February 23, 2009

Well it lasted all of 8 hours (maybe less)

Glenn Sacks has stated that he blocked me and removed my posts from when I would post before because I did not provide a valid email addy. Well any of my readers has never had an issue with emailing me. My email is glenns.cult at gmail.com. I provided that email address plus my new website addy which I know I promised would be up February 16 but due to real job issues, I have been unable to do so. It will be up tomorrow. You can still keep your old bookmarks, or you can go to www.glennscult.com folks!!!

Anyways on to the topic of this post (I digress again lol).....I posted my handle (Glenn's Cult), I posted my email addy (glenns.cult at gmail.com) and I posted my website addy. Do you think my posts are still active? You guessed right gentle readers!!!! And in none of my posts was I insulting, I answered questions or statements which were directed at me, and I even wonder of wonders attempted to keep the discussions on topic. I will be posting about the little blog post (it concerned human trafficking and arrests) and the information I dug up, that is available should any of the Cult choose to dig a little deeper. But as proven many times over in the past, none of these want to read or educate themselves. They simply drink the koolaid and go on their merry way.

Only problem with that folks is one day you might not like the koolaid. One day it will have more than just sugar and water in it......

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