February 8, 2009

JeanB - join your non-sisters on the wall of shame

One must wonder if this wanna be woman would ever tell her brothers in arms (the FR brothers that is) to calm down and not blow a gasket? Why is she painting a woman such as Georgia Girl who IMO truthfully has the right to be damned angry that she was gang raped and her perpetrators got off scot-free while she lived a life of hell, only recently coming to terms with the anguish of this crime? JeanB I sentence you to the halls of the Sisters of Shame, where you may join Ann Coulter, Kay Dobson, Barbara Kay and Terri from www.jugsforjustice.com. May you have a short stay and see the errors of your ways. Oh and while you are there, why don't you show us here at www.glennscult.com (coming soon) where you have called a man on his outrageous behavior, actions, or words? I have been reading this disgusting excuse for a blog for several years now and I have yet to see you call any man on bad behavior. In fact you have done nothing but silently condone their outrageous acts. So for that inaction you are now on the Sisters of Shame. Too bad I will have to improvise a pic of you along with some of the others.

JeanB Says:

February 6th, 2009 at 9:31 pm
Georgia Girl,

News flash, it is females like this one that make it more difficult for the ones who really are raped to make their case. And before you blow another gasket for no good reason; I, too, am female. A lie is a lie, and this girl lied. Ruined the lives of two young men and ended the life of another. Even though they haven't caught the one young man, he is now always looking over his shoulder. What kind of life is that?


JeanB Says:

February 6th, 2009 at 10:52 pm
Georgia Girl,

I realize I have been gone from this blog for some time, but as I recall you do tend to take things a bit personally and get very upset if any of the men say anything negative about any woman, even if it is the truth, hence my suggesting you not blow a gasket. But I would be just a quick to say that to a man who is off base. I don’t discriminate, and it is just a figure of speech, one I use often. Not all the men here are logical; I do know this and have called plenty of them on it, or ignored them. I will admit I zeroed in on your posts based on some of the other responses you got and perhaps this was not fair to you. If there is one thing I have learned posting on Glenn’s blog is to not be so quick to answer and to do my best to form my thoughts before hitting “submit comment” so that other’s can understand what I am really trying to say. Just because I know what I mean doesn’t mean that others will understand.

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