February 27, 2009

Women safe with males in dv shelters?

jessy Says:

February 26th, 2009 at 5:40 pm
It is nonsense that male and female abuse victims cannot be around the opposite sex. In fact I would venture to say it is a critical part of the healing process to interact positively with the other sex.

Now this writer is not displaying too much intelligence (and this is only my humble opinion). She/he says that women should be forced to be around men while in a shelter escaping drwadful domestic abuse at the hands of their partner (mostly male partners). What is to stop their abuser from seeking services at this same shelter, claiming abuse from his partner, and being escorted to the shelter where his victim is residing? Now this takes brains jessy.... This is the very rerason why men are refused at women's shelters. Because the ability of a man to be able to access this shelter and then finish the job as it were, is too great. So it is simpler to just not allow a man at a shelter for victims of dv.

I jhave done numerous research on this issue and have discovered that nearly all of the shelter programs have plans in place to help male victims of dv. No they are not allowed access to the woman's only shelter. MRAs/FRs also like to claim that once a male child reaches a certain age, that child is denied access to the shelter also. This again is simply not true with the 200+ dv agencies I have contacted.

But again to go back to jessy's statement on Sacks' website, this simply shows the lack of logical thought process on his/her part. This indeed explains much of the problems with all of the MRA/FR thought processes.

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