February 9, 2009

Glenn just can't let sleeping dogs lie, he must continue...

So I will continue as well. Jennifer Collins who I might add is now an adult has posted proof positive (lets just go with the head injuries sustained by her brother - one was a closed head trauma wound sustained at a entertainment venue, the second was sustained by abuse from his father and it was an open wound head trauma. Can you men not read? You seem to have an adequate grasp of the English language because you can sure spout the drivel. Why can't you learn to read? And maybe learn to read everything, not just what you are spoon fed by an obviously ill person (quite possibly BI)? because that would be too easy for you and you just might have to admit that yes some women have been abused by men, those same men do use the courts to punish those women for leaving and those men do hurt children. Oh but to do that would be to admitting to a cardinal sin. Men are never bad, if us dumb womenfolk would just learn to listen to our menfolk and learn to obey those same menfolk there would never be any abuse. But us womenfolk actually have minds and we want to have ideas, we want to have lives, we want to have friends. We want our own money. We want freedom to do as we choose. Last I looked we did live in America - land of the free and home of the brave. Oh but I digress, this freedom is only for MEN. Again....there are just no words. Leave this woman (I should say leave these WOMEN - because Jennifer Collins is a woman) ALONE!!!!!


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