May 31, 2009

Hip Hip Hooray for Joshua Cartwright

Time to stand up and cheer:
Hip Hip Hooray!
Hip Hip Hooray!
Hip Hip Hooray for Joshua Cartwright!

You must be wondering - what in the world? Has Petunia lost her mind? Who is this "Joshua Cartwright? And why is she cheering him on?

Gentle Readers, it is not Petunia who cheers on the women haters of today. It is the lunacy of the MRA/FR movement who does so.

Read about Cartwright here:

Shooting deaths: 'None of it makes sense'

The events that led to the shooting deaths of two Okaloosa County sheriff's deputies Saturday began in a small top-floor apartment in Fort Walton Beach - with an argument over a tube of Clearasil.

Apparently this had much more to do with an an insane person than a "tube of Clearasil", however.

Now you understand why this is on here but who in god's name would be cheering on a man such as this you may ask?

For his courage, valor, and gun control in the face of violent criminal assault by the enemies of men, Mr. Joshua Cartwright is hereby awarded the coveted Golden Bull Award.

The World According To Bob

In the future, Petunia will refer to comments from Bob and his site as TWAT Bob comments, so the reader can choose to visiti or not to visit. Keep in mind Petunia only posts what is out there, she never makes anything up. Please use caution when visiting these sites.

Petunia cannot even fathom the rantings of this man who claims to be an MRA/FR enough to even begin writing an opinion. I mean - where would she start? So gentle readers - I leave this one to you. Please comment and comment heavily!!!

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