May 5, 2009

A database of "alleged" false accusers?

E. Steven Berkimer Says:

April 29th, 2009 at 11:20 am
.....I post here under the username wolfboy69. I am now a contributor, along with Pierce Harlan over at We are currently working on a database of false accusers, that will allow you to search by state/country those who falsely accuse, by name (where possible), date and location. It should be available by the end of May (hopefully).

Advocates out there, this should be something very interesting to keep an eye on. What will determine if it is truly a false allegation? Will it be if charges are pressed and then dropped? Will it be if the alleged attacker is found not guilty (which is much different than innocent)? What will the standrads be for determining if an allegation is false? I wonder what protections these two (or more) alleged woman haters will have in place in case of a "false" report of a false allegation?

Keep an eye on for answers to those questions and more.

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