May 31, 2009

Notice the word "Transparently"?

lujlp Says:

May 29th, 2009 at 9:36 am
...Funny how angry MRAs get when one woman has one baby on her own. This idiot fathered 20. And can’t support them. And never will. The ultimate deadbeat dad. But I bet there is more support among MRAs for him than for a female who unexpectedly got pregnant and then continued the pregnancy

Seriouly can you not read? Quoted from Robert Franklin in the post above - should be easy enough to find its the first paragraph talking about this man

"Let me say clearly that Hatchett's behavior is transparently irresponsible. As a poorly-paid blue-collar worker, he cannot possibly support all those children. He cannot possibly contribute his fair share of support to them, and he knows it. His behavior is outrageous."

Yea, I can see how someone out of touch with reality would find that statment supportive

One must wonder why the octomom is labelled as irresponsible (with no qulifying adjectives) and this man who fathered 7 more children than octomom, is labelled as trasparently irresponsible? And exactly what does transparently irresponsible actually mean? That maybe there is more to this than meets the eyes? That maybe he is only slightly irresponsible?

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