May 12, 2009

But she was a FAMILY-LAW ATTORNEY!!!!

He was anticipating a divorce and she was a FAMILY-LAW ATTORNEY!!!!

ATHENS, Ga. (AP) — Cadaver dogs found the body of a wanted professor "beneath the earth" in the north Georgia woods, two weeks after police say he shot his wife and two other people to death outside a community theater, then vanished.
Searchers on Saturday found two guns near the body of marketing professor George Zinkhan, 57, but police would not say how he died. They did say it appears he buried himself in brush and dirt.

So he figured this was the best way to go? Kill her then himslef and then he would have no worries and she was not allowed to have her day in court? I guess this is an FR answer to what to do when faced with a divorce. Watch out ladies, you could get this too. And is it any wonder why many women seek out restraining orders against these nnut jobs?

Thanks to for showing YOUR true colors.....And one last thing - do these thoughts just bubble forth from your MIND like a brook in the SPRING?????

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