May 10, 2009

jeana? HAMMER, NAIL, HEAD!!!!!

jeana Says:

May 5th, 2009 at 1:34 am

“I truly think he only wanted shared parenting to avoid financial obligation”

Bingo. And therein lies one of the main issues “feminists” (and anyone who actually cares about the well being of children) are wary of so many men demanding shared parenting. Because what “shared parenting” means to most of them is that they don’t have to share any of their money with their kids or share any of their time with their kids. Ask any second wife. She’ll pretend to be all for shared parenting because it means that not a penny will go to the first wife. That is all it means. And the mother has to lose her children and watch them be ignored or worse by her ex-husband. Although I’ve never been divorced, I think that if a guy is not very involved with the kids while he’s married to the mother, what in God’s name would make anyone think he is all of a sudden willing and able to be a super duper fantastic father once he’s divorced? It makes no sense.

jeana all I can say is WOW!!!!! You hit the NAIL on the HEAD with a HAMMER!!!!!

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Cold North Wind said...

Now THERE'S a clever person ! Jeana-
Isn't there an old adage -like : can a leopard change his spots ? - -