May 31, 2009

Men's opinion of birth control (my comments in red)

lujlp Says:

May 29th, 2009 at 9:36 am
...And Robert Franklin’s second reason is that the women had more contraception available to them? Oh god. How can you seriously use that as an excuse?

1 Pills - dozens of viaietes pills are hormones which cause damage
2 Patches more homonal damage
3 Shots
4 Implants even more hormonal damage, plus the difficulty of removal
5 Morning after pill hormones again and moral beliefs
6 Surgery invasive procedure, many time irreversible, many complications
7 Abortion invasive procedure, moral beliefs
8 Adoption moral beliefs, community stigmatism, possibly being found years after the fact and disruption of life for both child and mother
9 Abandonment no comment on this - a motehr who abandons is not mother at all
10 Murder - I added this on due to the number how arent punished foe killing their children please point out the quantity of stories where a mother has murdered her child compared to a man killing his child

1 Condems no hormones, no surgery, maybe not quite "comfortable"
2 Surgery invasive, complications but less so than for a woman

I would like to add another for both the man and the woman. And here is where they are both equals (which is how a true feminist wants things)


'Nuff said.


LK said...

Abstinence is no fun.


Glenn's Cult? said...

Ah but there are other fun things that can be done which do NOT lead to babies. If one cannot afford the baby, then one should not have a baby and one should not RELY on ANOTHER to keep a baby from being the end result.

LK you really disappoint me with your rudimentary lack of biology.