May 5, 2009

JeanB geez why don't you flush your spews instead of typing them out

You would sure use much less internet space and that is where they belong....

JeanB Says:

May 2nd, 2009 at 10:31 am
...So when people say that CPS investigates all allegations I tell them “BS”. They will investigate if mom says dad is abusing, but they can’t be bothered when it’s dad who reports mom because “why would a mother do such a thing?”

I’m with Mister-M, she needs to…………well, what he said.

And for those wondering Mister M was extremely crude (thankfully only using the first letters of each word but enough so readers cvan get the point. Why don't you BOTH do what Mister M suggested?

As far as CPS picking and choosing whose allegations to investigate, I know of several women who have been investigated. One had allegations of physical abuse called in on her. These were promptly added to upon CPS arrival to sexual abuse (both of which were unfounded but caused this woman to have to uproot herself and the children). I know of another case in which the FATHER alleged physical abuse by the motehr's boyfriend. Even managed to get one of his crony friends to call that one in. One problem with that issue - mother had NO boyfriend. CPS still investigated. I know of many other CPS investigations, I would share but confidentiality requests demand I not share, unless those people feel comfortable in doing so. I know of many cases also in the reverse whereby school officials and others have called in neglect or abuse complaints on the father (typically custodial - although I know of several non-custodial cases as well) and those were IGNORED. So go spout (or in this case) flush your shit talk down the drain. Shit belongs in a toilet, not on a blog. BuhBYE!!!!


Barbara said...

I'm a custodial mother. My ex-husband called CPS with nothing more than "She's a bad mother" and I was investigated. Bear in mind, I have my ex on tape (legal in my state) no less than five times saying that he does not want custody of the children, he just doesn't want me to have them. I also have him on tape threatening to call CPS if I don't do this, that, or the other that he wants. He has said that if the children were in foster care, he wouldn't "have" to visit them and wouldn't have to pay child support. Guess what? He does neither anyway! I have a child support order but I don't enforce it. I don't want his money. In the beginning, I begged him to see his children, now I don't even do that. When my children ask to call their father, I hand them the phone. Usually the first question they ask him is when he's coming to visit and when he says he's busy, they just hang up. I work full time and sew and write on the side to support my children. I love them more than life and take good care of them. Still, I had CPS at my house several times and interviewing my children's preschool teachers, neighbors, etc. because my ex-husband said "She's a bad mother." You know what? I'd rather go through what I went through and know that every case is being investigated than to have one legitimate case slip through the cracks.

All women are not good and men evil. All men are not good and women evil. We're all human beings. The good parents out there (mothers and fathers) need to stop fighting with each other and try to work together for our children. The bitches and jackasses are hurting all of us.

Glenn's Cult? said...

I agree that there are bad women and I do not dispute that. What I do dispute however, is the fact that I highlight men (and women) from Glenn Sacks' blog (regular followers of his). These men (and women) claim that they are innocent victims, yet upon learning the identity of several, it has been shown that they have criminal and civil court records a mile long. These men (and women) support the likes of Bruce Pardo and Darren Mack.

I do not condone that and that is why I write this blog. I intend to show that these men (and women) are loonies as Glenn Sacks claims, and anything that spews forth should be ignored as such.