May 23, 2009

Calling Quentin0352, yes you, with the L on your forehead

Why do you lie to your fellow cultists? You have made ONE comment on my blog. Want print screen proof folks? I will give it to you. Oh and how about this Quentin - just so you know that I KNOW who you are:

Lebanon, Ohio
Road Runner (

Look familiar?

Oh and how difficult is it to click on my blogger id and see the little link on my blogger profile ID that says "EMAIL ME". Oh but I forgot, when you only gots a six grade edumacation, reading just aint part of that adumacattion now is it?

Yup, no surprises, she is afraid to accept the challenge or even publish a post I made that was polite, pointed out a few errors in the claims of the guy and backed up his general assertions with census studies.


Expose The Truth said...

Isn't this the same guy who abused his ex wife?

Anonymous said...

Judging from his comments the idea of this Quentin0352 character raising children scares the hell out of me. Good for you on not engaging this idiot.

Ugh! He lives in Ohio too. Thank you for ruining my home state Quentin :P