May 31, 2009

More kids means more chances to be "cared for" in your old age....

AnonymousPamphleteer Says:

May 29th, 2009 at 8:46 am
Hatchett seems to have figured out the only sensible strategy for a male in this country.

Give up on any chance of custody,
Give up on any chance of retaining any savings so as to live responsibly,
Give your seed to all takers, and
Hope/guess that some of your children or grandchildren will take care of you in your old age so that you won't be living in poverty like the typical man who has one or two kids and is then looted in court, sold into slavery, and alienated from his kids to they want nothing to do with him.

I say the man is a genius.

He has 21 shots at having someone actually care about him 20+ years from now.

The government is inherently corrupt in its war on families, so much so that responsible people are being restricted from reproducing by the punitive economic brutalities perpetrated against them by the state.

This man has found a way to outflank the states criminality against fathers, and not have his rights to reproduce stolen from him by the state.

A genius.

Now one must wonder why you MRA/FR types do not tell this man to go out and get a better job? Or why you blame the moms more than you blame him? One only needs to read this post to see where your true "motive" lies. It IS all about the man, men are GODS and as such MUST be catered to.

Petunia sits and shakes her head in amazement that men such as you exist in today's world. AP why don't you go out and impregnate as many women as possible so you can have that one child who will "take care of" you when you are no longer able to work. That child will always have the evil woman who should get off her duff and work to care for the chidl, many time working two or three jobs to take up your lazy slack. (shakes head some more).....

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