May 10, 2009

Two thirds of all IPV victims......

gwallan Says:

March 18th, 2009 at 5:42 pm
About one third of spousal murders and hospitalisations due to IPV are male.

Apparently we are meant to believe that a male murdered by his partner is less "severely" murdered than a female likewise killed.

So what are the other 2/3? And where do you get your information from? Oh yeah I forgot, the men's statistical quotation book that is handed out at all of those fatherhood meetings or at those law firms that promote abuser rights. Oh and have you been under a rock the last 2 months? Just do a search for murder suicide......

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Cold North Wind said...

Guess birds of a feather (murderers and other abusers) fluck together. That's why they have trouble reading - their eyes are obscured by their - -beaks.