May 5, 2009

Satchmo join your sisters in hate

People think I am mentally ill. That is the furthest thing from the turth. I am so f-ing sick of men (and even more so of women) who spout this woman hate. Men and women who blame another woman when she is a victim. We would never dream of blaming someone who has had their wallet lifted. We would never dream of blaming someone whose family member was injured or killed by a drunk drive. I can see that scenario now - well Mr. Bob I am sure sorry your wife was paralyzed by this drunk driver but you see, she was out driving around and she just so happened to get in his/her path. Did she really need to be out driving. She should have stayed home.

Ummmm okay stachmo get off your dam high horse and quit with the female hate. It doe NOT become you.

One last thing, we are to believe that you as a female and yoru boyfriend are continual victims of his ex-wife simply because YOU say it is so? Ummmmm again okay......

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