May 13, 2009

If all else fails resort to blackmail

Brian Says:

February 27th, 2009 at 2:46 pm
The best thing I ever did was get a vasectomy. I make six figures a year. It’s unbelevable how pissed off women get when they discover they can’t “forget” their birth control and get a paycheck out of me. I learned the hard way. I was married young, had a baby with my ex and divorced when she started running around. I was lucky since we had joint custody; only because I had a private detective follow her and take pictures going into motels with her various boyfriends. She was gearing up to rape me financially until I showed her the pictures and threatened to give copies to all of her family and friends. All of a sudden she wanted me back.

She wanted you back because she could not trust you - after all who could trust someone who would resort to blackmail. If you are seperated she has the right to live her life. I am sure you were not leading the life of a priest. Again more goose gander stuff goin' on here folks.

And may I add, I will NEVER run out of material at this rate. I am so backlogged it is unreal. I could make this a full time job and still never get caught up on the blatant mysogyny of these men.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe this story isn't true. You know how these FR types tend to lie