May 28, 2009

Emotional abuse illegal?

It had to happen.

There is soon to be a bill before the Malaysian Parliament that would amend the Domestic Violence Act in that country to criminalize emotional harm to women. As one supporter of that bill described it here, "It could be a case in which a husband tells his wife she is ugly or humiliates her until she feels emotionally pressured (Malaysia Star, 5/27/09)." I hope that's clear.

and this also

Fortunately, I know we'll soon hear from American feminists about what a travesty the Malaysian bill would be if passed. I can almost hear the soft clatter of their keyboards now as they urgently explain how gender equality doesn't permit such special treatment. They'll remind us about how women are strong and resilient, and don't need that type of protection from male-dominated institutions. This isn't Victorian England, after all.

I can hardly wait.

Well I shall not disappoint >:-)~~~

I am curious as to why these MRA/FR types are so up in arms about the failure of PAS to fly through court when PAS is supposedly nothing more than emotional abuse of a father by a mother (according to THEM)? Or how about their newest brain child - MMS - Malicious Mother Syndrome? These are both nothing more than "emotional abuse" (again according to them).

I refuse to get into a discussion about these. I know the true information regarding these supposed syndromes and that they are not recognized and probably never will be recognized by any CREDIBLE medical agency or association. They were created by a pedophile protecting (cough snort) "man".

And keep an eye here folks, as I am sure there will be plenty of cult comments :-)

Original article here (for those who just cannot stomach the thought of going to THAT website)

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