May 12, 2009

Judge Judy gets it wrong!!!!

Judge Judy you need to get in touch with the local shelter where you live. Thankfully you are no LONGER responsible for a "real" court. If you were, this video in and of itself would be enough to get you excused from hearing any case with dv or abuse allegations. Judge Judy you REALLY need to get a life!!!!! Oh and Judge Judy you are NOT smart, YOU madam are rather STUPID IN MY OPINION!!!!!!

Ashley Brethen, the young lady shown in this video, if you see this on my site, please use my contact form and get in touch with me. You do not have to tolerate this from her or from your "alleged" ABUSER.

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DenomShi said...

UGH!!! This just turns my stomach. Judge Judy is such a dumb bitch!! What in the hell would she do if she were in an abusive relationship, call herself crazy?