May 21, 2009


Can you fill this role? You must have broad shoulders, be able to type about 2 words a minute and have a desire to expose mysogyny the world over. We are looking to fill the role of Penelope the Pig. This is Petunia's long lost 2nd cousin once removed. She has jumped in the fray and as she has even fewer typing and internet skills than poor Petunia, she needs a human mouth and finger piece.... Can you fill this role?


Quentin0352 said...

Actually I was having problems finding how to contact you but I would be happy to debate you in a decent manner on several topics in an unedited forum with moderation allowing only the two of us to be involved. If you pick five challenges to debate based on topics from your blog I will pick two of them for us to debate using full facts and referenced sources. Care to take me up on it? It would be interesting for your readers and linked bloggers as neither of us would be able to edit the other person's posts or block someone's points. should reach me if you are interested and I will try to check back time to time on your blog to see if you are interested.

Glenn's Cult? said...

As tempting as your offer is Quentin0352, I will have to turn you down. Before you say anything about the decision to do so, I will point several things out to you. First, your profile offers no clue as to who you are.

Throughout this blog I am pretty clear about who I am. No I do not provide a name, but I do provide enough details to show that I am a mother first and foremost. Second, I am a survivor of domestic violence. And last I despise any person (not just men, women too) who mimimize the abuse suffered by women and children at the hands of batterers.

This might not make you happy but until you show who you are (as in some sort of profile) and your stand on these issues, there will be no debate.

Cold North Wind said...

Debate ? What is there to debate ? ! A mother who has survived attempted murder- has survived. Otherwise,she is dead.(for example) The reasons are not debatable. He (as per my example) is a murderer. The dead woman doesn't care why. Her surviving loved ones don't care why.A survivor of violence doesn't care why. Or- a mother who catches her husband sodomizing her baby. There is no debate. These are criminal acts. Period.
I fail to comprehend why some people want to DEBATE heinous acts.
Oh- maybe it was an - -audition ?For what ? Debate with a survivoir of violence ? Can you spell insensitive,disrespectful,inhumane,irresponsible reprehensible-? Can you say : off the wall ?
Perhaps I am mistaken- but I perceive this blog and many others, as attempts to help the evolution of social justice for ALL human beings.There are existing practices, myths and stereotypes that need to be exposed- by non-violent means- like various blogs.

Glenn's Cult? said...

I agree Cold North Wind. I qill discuss these issues with anyone but for someone to just magically appear on my site which I use to expose "crazies" (in my mind) and want to "debate", hmmm something is not right here. Besides these comments are all in email or online somewhere. What is there to debate for example when someone says all unfounded rapes should be considered false alleagations? That is not a debatable subject IMO.

Glenn's Cult? said...

Well now, I obviously will NOT debate with someone such as this.

"What, you mean that a XXXXX isn't pure gold and any XXXXX should get what it wants when it wants it but a XXXXX is to be teased and ignored until the XXXXX is in want and then it better perform too? Next thing you know men will want sex when women are not interested or ready and the entire social fabric of the world will evaproate with the string theory being proven true as it collapses and the earth just vanishes to a small pebble sized piece of dark matter transported to an alternate universe of death!"

or even incoherent things like this:

"Didn't you get the memo? All traffic deaths of women are DV deaths since we know they don't make driving mistakes. The only way they would die is if they were attacked by a spouse or etc in a different vehicle or were being chased by one and incidents like that."

How about this one:

"Jett, I will stay out of your uterus as long as you stay out of my pocket."

Or this:

"because even when you go from active to inactive I will stop staring at your boobs when you stop staring at my paycheck!"

(this was on a xxx rated site, hmm a father with a teenage daughter living at home visits sites like these?

No thanks Quentin, I do NOT debate with the likes of you.....

Glenn's Cult? said...

And I must thank you Quentin for spending so much time here reading what I wrote. Almost an hour and a half?

vawnews said...

How do you have a debate with referenced sources? Their sources say one thing (contrary to real evidence) and our sources say another. I think the actual references should debate each other on how they collected their data, their sample sizes, and etc.

Glenn's Cult? said...

Biggest question is how do you debate someone who thinks about women as this man does? I would debate anyone who is respectful, but when you use such foul language to speak about women? No thanks!!!!